About Us

Providing Personal, Professional & Spiritual Growth: Education, Knowledge, Skills, and Development, for the Economic Empowerment of the Individual and Community.


Our focus for the youth is to explore their future with their permission and participation. We want empowered youth that understand the options for their future & the pros & cons those options. Tabernacle believes that through exposure to trade skills, business management, & collegiate options the next generation can enter adulthood with confidence and expertise.


We believe financial literacy and civic literacy are essential for a functioning and prosperous community. This organization strives to give individuals the tools and education they need to make financially sound decisions. The content is relevant to anyone who wants to improve their situation - locally, nationally, or internationally.


We are available to work with any government programs that align with the goal of diverting at-risk youth away from the criminal justice system.

About Tabernacle of Restoration

We offer a variety of trade school pieces of training such as Woodworking, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, and Culinary! We offer counseling to ensure the mental well-being of our community! Community outreach involves the offering of education, social planning, and support of activities to community residents freely and openly. Community outreach allows us to get involved with our city in ways that can enrich our neighbor’s lives.


Our Vision and Identity

We specialize in empowering our communities by providing an environment to receive spiritual development, trade skills development, college prep, and scholarship assistance.


We support families in becoming stronger units, that work more efficiently.  The result is that we create an environment that leads to personal, professional, and spiritual growth.